York Rite Freemasonry

History of York Rite Freemasonry

While the York Rite, is the older of the two rites of Freemasonry, it has some elements that are older than others. It could be argued that Royal Arch is the oldest, however, those depend on how you age and date each degree.

The Structure of York Rite Freemasonry

York Rite, consists of the Royal Arch, the Commission and the Commandery, which are independent bodies or Lodges, that are successive in their eligibility for membership. In other words  it is required that one must first be a Master Mason to join Royal Arch. It is then also required that one must be a Royal Arch Mason, in order to join the Commission, and finally it is necessary to be a member of the Commission to be eligible for the Commandery of the Knights Templar. .

The modern York Rite Freemasonry

It should be noted that the organization and importance of York Rite is not universal.

York Rite Freemasonry in Washington State.

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