The Worshipful Master and Lodge Officers of Queen Anne #242

Our Lodge Officers

The Officers of Queen Anne are committed to growing it to be an honor to all the other Masonic Lodges in Seattle. Their commitment is above and beyond the call of duty. Please contact any of them should you have particular questions.

Worshipful Master: WB Aaron Scull

The duties of the Worshipful Master are similar to those of a president of an organization. Masonic Lodges operate in a similar fashion to the Robers Rules of order, as a large part of the stated meetings are a business meeting.

The term “Worshipful” Does not imply he is worshiped in the Lodge, but comes out of middle english, where the term is similar to “The Honorable” and is used interchangeably to address mayors, and judges. It is a term of respect, indicating that he has a special place of honor among the other Master Masons.

While he is elected once a year at Queen Anne Lodge, and facilitates the meeting as a Lodge president, he does have certain powers to over ride such rules of order so long as they do not brake the bylaws of Queen Anne Lodge and the Grand Lodge. In this since the responsibility of the Worshipful master is similar to in and some way evolved from the role of an old Naval Captains relationships with his ship in the old British Navy during their age of exploration. Because the Lodge is shaped in parliamentarian style, rectangle shape, allowing the members to face eachother, the Worshipful Master sits in the East in a like manner to the captain of a ship sailing west for exploration.

The powers of the Worshipful Master also include the appointment of non-elected lodge officers. Also as a symbol of his position of authority he is also the only one who is allowed to wear a hat in Lodge, this is reminiscent to the crowns because while the Worshipful Master is elected, he is equally respected.

Senior Warden: Bro. Kirk Gunnar Stensvig

The Senior Warden serves as Vice President of the Lodge, it is his duty to step in for the Worshipful Master in case of absence, and in all ways be his chief advisor and under study. Because in tradition it is expected that in Lodges that have one year terms in each position, that the Senior Warden will run to be elected as Worshipful Master in the following year, it is often important that their plan and course for the Lodge be closely knit with the Current Worshipful Master.

The position of the Senior Warden is in the west, directly across from the Worshipful master. He also often acts as a mediator between the Worshipful Master and the other Lodge Officers, Communicating messages the Junior Warden and then he to the the rest of the Brothers. This process ensures that in all major decisions the entire leadership is informed of decisions, just as on board a ship.

It is also tradition that the Senior Warden was responsible for paying the laborers of a Lodge “their wages.” This tradition comes out of the fact the historically Senior Wardens in operative masonic Lodges would literally pay the workmen. As a result, it is the responsibility of the senior warden to act similar to an HR manger, ensuring that members are “paid” wages of respect and thanks for their work, and also being the point person to talk to about any interpersonal problems in the Lodge to ensure harmony.

Junior Warden: Bro. Lee McBride

The Junior Warden is the last of the  elected Lodge officers’ positions generally considered to be “in line” to the Worshipful Master, in that it’s expected he would advance to become Senior Warden. His seat is in the west and is charged with communication to the brothers at large, specifically about Lodge meetings and events and regulation of the times of “refreshment” to be sure that they are not overly abused.

Secretary: Bro. Elliot Jacksch

The Secretary’s position is in the South East corner of the Lodge next to the Worshipful Master. He is one of the Lodge officers elected every year, though often being the same person. His duties are to record the minutes of every meeting, read communications from Grand Lodge, deliver money to the treasurer, and to generally advise the Worshipful Master on the logistical needs of the administration of the Lodge.

Treasure: WB Andy Goeres

The Treasures’ Position is in the North East near the Worshipful Master. He is also one of the Lodge officers elected every year, however he, also is often the same person year after year. His duty is simply to manage the finances of the Lodge and balance the budget.

Senior Deacon: Bro. Aaron P Hughes

The Senior Deacon is one of the appointed Lodge officers and acts as the chief page to the Worshipful Master, carrying private messages from him to the Senior Warden, and to any other member as directed. He also introduces guests and visitors and escorts them where they ought to go.

Junior Deacon: Bro. Kevin Keenholts

The Junior Deacon is one of the appointed Lodge officers and acts as the page for the Senior Warden, carrying messages at his request. It is also his duty to attend any knock at the door, and make sure the the Tyler is at his post.

Senior Stewart: Bro. Marc Abis

The Senior Stewart is one of the appointed Lodge officers, and acts as an assistant to the Junior Warden, and wherever else he is needed. He is also responsible for the preparation of meals.

Junior Stewart: Dylan Ross

The Junior Stewart is one of the appointed Lodge officers, and assists the Senior Stewart in his duties, and is responsible for the cleaning of meals and the lodge.

Chaplin: Bro. Justin Hunter

The Chaplin is one of the appointed Lodge officers, who prays to open and close lodge, and before the meals and ensures that we do not loose sight on the devine principals of truth and charity for which we are founded.

Marshall: Bro. Brian Humphrey

The marshall is one of the appointed Lodge officers, and is charged with being the master of cerimonies, beine sure that proper respect to the Flag and to prayer. He is also the Master’s point person in ensuring that each officer has what they need to run the meeting in the most proper manner, including the names of visitors for introduction by the Senior Deacon.

Tyler: WB Michael Ramirez

The Tyler is one of the appointed Lodge officers and is charged with guarding the Lodge from the outside. Traditionally he carries a sword and stands at the door of the lodge, to be sure that no one enters who is not a Freemason.

Musician: Bro. Dillon Smith

The musician is one of the appointed Lodge officers, and is charged with adding harmony and beauty to the meetings, and to compliment the ritual being performed.

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