Seattle Masonic Lodge on Queen Anne

Queen Anne Hill

Queen Anne Lodge is the closest Seattle Masonic Lodge to the Downtown area.  While it’s members largely consists of men who live in the Downtown, Lake Union, Belltown, Capitol Hill and Queen Anne areas, it’s vitality, and fellowship have also attracted men to come regularly from as far as 50 miles away. Our Seattle Masonic Lodge is ideal for many young professionals looking to join a fraternity of like minded men who believe in bettering themselves and the community they live in, and who are looking for friends with whom they can truly trust in all seasons of life.


Queen Anne Lodge is more than just our beautiful building where we hold our stated meetings (also available to the public to rent out as an event space) it is also the name of chartered body of members of our Seattle Masonic Lodge, as well as a branch of the grand lodge of Washington, which itself is a part of an even grander fraternity. Our lodge is made up by the sum of its members, and is only one small branch of this great tree we call Freemasonry. 

LodgeSlide7Our Seattle Masonic Lodge is lead by three principal officers, elected yearly by the Master Masons of the lodge. The Worshipful Master (highest of the 5 elected officers and equal to a president) of the lodge then appoints the Deacons, Stewarts, Marshall, Musician, Chaplin and Tyler to their posts. He also sets the agenda for the year’s activities, and runs the stated meetings.

shapeimage_12Our building has a wonderful history that we are actively trying to preserve and restore. It is the house of the majority of our activities, so if you are interested in masonry the first thing to do is come to our building. You can almost always find a brother there in the evenings that the building is not being rented. Please check out our calendar to find any upcoming events.

The history of our lodge is not just a static record in our library and archives, but is an on-going tale that we try to record actively through traditional means like our Trestleboards, as well as through our blog, emails, and social media.




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