Royal and Select Masters – Cryptic Masonry

Cryptic Masonry, otherwise known as the Royal and Select Masters, is one of the higher Orders of the York Rite of Freemasonry. It consists of 3 Degrees. They are the Royal Master, Select Master and Super Excellent Master.

The origins of this body and the degrees

Cryptic Masonry is an American invention. The grand council of select masters was formed in Baltimore in 1792. The degrees of cryptic masonry is the sum of supplementary degrees generally conferred before and after the York Rite degrees of the Royal Arch. Originally there were independent, however they were consolidated into on organization as the information and teachings they communicate are of an aligned narrative.

What do they do?

In addition to providing additional information and understanding about the previous degrees and the fact that it lends greater masonic insight on the ancient influences of Freemasonry. The organizations are primarily philanthropic in nature, in today’s day and age. While the organizations are organized in Lodge type format, their focus tends to be on allowing new members to par-take in the additional knowledge of Freemasonry, as well as to leverage their membership for their various charitable causes, depending on the chapter.

The structure of Cryptic Masonry in Washington

The structure of a Lodg eof Cryptic Masons in Washington follows the following model as laid out by a Blue Lodge.

Blue Lodge Cryptic Masonry
Worshipful Master Thrice Illustrious Master
Senior Warden Deputy Master
Junior Warden Principal Conductor of the Work
Treasurer Treasurer
Secretary Recorder
Chaplain Chaplain
Senior Deacon Captain of the Guard
Junior Deacon Conductor of the Council
Senior Steward Senior Steward
Junior Steward Junior Steward
Associate [or Assistant] Steward(s) Associate [or Assistant] Steward(s)
Marshal Marshal
Organist [or Musician] Organist [or Musician]
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