Mystery Traditions

Freemasonry has been famous for the its ties and connections with several mystery traditions from around the world. While scholars debate the exact nature of their ties, it is certainly true that Freemasonry has relationships with the most mysterious ideas, philosophies, traditions and organizations on Earth, including Egyptian Mysticism, Zoroastrianism, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Alchemy, Astrology and Rosicrucianism.

Masonic interest and connection with these traditions comes out of nothing sinister  or dangerous but rather is in a way a thread that ties them all together, and reveals a complex fabric that is humanity. Freemasons do at times pull inspiration from these traditions, and is in certain ways a direct inheritor of these. Our fearlessness in doing so comes from a common philosophy shared with another organization birthed at the same time as our fraternity in its current form, the Royal Society, in the late 1600s. That philosophy is “Question Everything.”

We will attempt to explain and de-mystify these mystery traditions, and the reason why Freemasonry examines all aspects, ideas, philosophies and organizations of history in order to follow the oracle of Delphi’s famous insight of “Know Thyself.” We do this because these traditions are inextricably tied to the evolution of the world, as they even directly gave birth to the ideas of the architecture, the city, social order, literature  science, all modern religions, democracy, finance, the state, and all things thought of as institutional or even universal. Freemasons see it as a social virtue to examine, understand All Mysteries and All Knowledge by Questioning Everything, in order to Know Theyself in a global sense. We believe this discipline not only better shapes our minds, but allows us to understand the Other in a more enlightened sense, allowing us to better work and agree with every person on earth. All of whom have a claim upon our kind offices and brotherly love.

After all, if we understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and have not Love, it is nothing.

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