History of Freemasonry

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More content to come. In the mean time, explore our site more. We are building more content on the history of Freemasonry, to serve as a guide to anyone interested in the official and recorded history of our Fraternity, that is verifiable by meeting minutes, and Tyler’s Books. While Freemasonry certainly pre-dates these records, this outline shows the verifiable history through documentation from the beginning of the use of the term “Free Mason.”

While we are still building this content for future use and education, here is an outline of what this page will cover. Feel free to use this as a study guide for further research on our site and elsewhere around the internet for the History of Freemasonry. Also be sure to contact us if you wish to learn more.

History of Freemasonry during the English Civil War

Foundation of the Grand Lodge of England

Plantings of Lodges in the United States

Masonic involvement in the American Revolution

Fear of Masons in the 19th Century

Victorian and Gilded Age Freemasonry

American Freemasonry during the 20s and Prohibition

World War II and Freemasonry (The bubble)

Decline of Freemasonry and suspicion during the counter cultural movement

The lean years of membership in the 1980s-2000s

Masonic Revival


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