Freemasonry in Seattle

Freemasonry in Seattle is composed of two districts of the Grand Lodge of Washington, those being district 4 and district 5.

Our district has a proud history of strong and honorable District Deputies, and has an active culture of visitation. To help organize the cohesion of Freemasonry in Seattle, the the Grand Lodge has allowed us to hold a District association for Freemasons in Seattle, in which they network and combine our efforts for degrees as well as enjoy fellowship through the organization of several events.

The Lodge buildings themselves are not necessarily the meeting place of just one Lodge. Freemasonry in Seattle overlaps it’s districts, as well as its Lodges between Lodge buildings. For instance, there are 4 Lodges that meet in Greenwood Lodge. Two of them are members of District 4 and two are in District 5 of the Grand Lodge.

The Greenlake Lodge Building is also home to both Daylight Lodge, and Greenlake Lodge. The buildings owned by separate legal entities, which are normally owned either by Grand Lodge or by one of the Lodges that meet there.

Queen Anne Lodge, Doric Lodge, Alki Lodge and University Lodge each are owners of their own buildings are are the only Lodges that meet there. While this is common with Freemasonry in Seattle, it is not the rule.

Finally The Scottish Rite center is owned by Scottish Rite. Esoterica Lodge simply rents from them.

Alki. No. 152, Seattle  (4736 40th Ave. SW, Seattle)

Alba Lodge, No. 315, Seattle (4736 40th Ave. SW,Seattle)

District 2

317 – LUZVIMINDA  (13524 Lake City Way, Seattle (Lake City))

Seattle Alba 315  
Alki 152  
Daylight 232  
Doric 92  
Esoterika 316  
Eureka 20  
Green Lake 149  
Greenwood 253  
Lafayette 241  
LuzViMinda 317  
Maritime 239  
Occidental 72  
Queen Anne 242  
Rainier 189  
St. John’s 9  
University 141  
Walter F. Meier Lodge of Research 281

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