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Boyd Patterson Keynote Speech at 2013 Warden’s Conference

Bellow is the keynote address at the 2013 Washington Warden's conference in Pasco Washington, presented by MW Boyd Patterson of the Grand Lodge of Texas. WB Patterson, spoke on the obligation of the Loges to carry the torch of Freemasonry to their individual communities, and that it is their responsibility to drive membership, and spearhead the

2013 Washington Warden’s Conference

  On March 8th through 10th, Our Senior Warden and Junior Warden will be attending the Warden's Conference for Washington State in Pasco. This will be the 20th annual Warden's Conference  and serves as a leadership training reteat for the up coming leaders of every Lodge. The conference provides training and planning and is a great opportunity to establish continuity of leadership for the Lodge.
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