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The following is a combination of blogs Seattle Masons read very much recommend. We compiled this list in order to provide an active and dynamic insight into contemporary discussions of freemasonry from multiple perspectives. Masonry is taught by degrees, however often times the best way to observe a degree is through multiple perspectives.


From Labor to Refreshment

Masonic Traveler

Pietre- Stones Review of Freemasonry 


Working Tools

Lion Roar

Masonic blog

Ars Masonica


Masonic Tao

Freemason Information 

Just A Freemason

Masonic Renaissance

The North Eastern Corner 

Simon’s Blog

Millennial Freemason

The following is a plugin that we, Seattle Masons keep an eye on to see what is being talked about around the world by Masons, personally and through official organizations. We encourage everyone, whether they be a Seattle Mason, a brother from anywhere in the world, or a member of the public at large. This feed can give a good perspective of the state of Freemasonry in general.

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