About the Grand Lodge of Washington

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In brief, the Grand Lodge of Washington is the over arching body of Freemasons in Washington state. It is made up of elected officers, of Past Masters of the Lodges of the State and is charged with the governance and oversight of regularity of the Lodges and Freemasonry in General. Bellow is an outline of what this page will contain when it is complete.

Overview of all Grand Lodges

Grand Lodges were first formed in the model of the Grand Lodge of England, chartered in 1717. The purpose of which was not to rule over, but serve as a forum and and foster communication and regularity between the Lodges in its jurisdiction.

History of all Grand Lodges

Genealogy of our Grand Lodge

Modern Structure of and relationships of Grand Lodges

The Grand Lodge of Washington

Founding of our Grand Lodge.

The Grand Lodge of Washington was founded in 1858. On December 6, a committee was held in Olympia made up of past masters of Lodges in the territory of Washington, to discuss the details and enact action in the formation of the Grand Lodge. All proceedings of that meeting are public record and can be read here.

History of our Grand Lodge Since its Founding

All proceedings of the annual communications of the Grand Lodge of Washington can be read here:

Property of Grand Lodge

Authority of Grand Lodge

Leadership Structure

Elections for Junior Grand Warden

Our Grand Master

Grand Lodge Annual Communication

Other Grand Lodge Sponsored Events

Grand Lodge Programs

Grand Lodge Library

All the Lodges in Washington State

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